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The Monastic Steward

In non-Buddhist countries small hermitages like Arrow River generally operate by depending on the help of a monastic steward. The steward is a layperson who takes care of the neccessary duties that the monks cannot because of their rules. The office of monastic steward is not entirely a modern innovation, but is based on the original Vinaya texts.

In practical terms this means mostly looking after the kitchen and cooking the meals. The duties are fairly light because we only eat once a day. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for some solitude and a chance to meditate and study.

Vinaya restrictions on the monks

The following are a few of the restrictions on a bhikkhu which neccesitate the assistance of a lay steward.

A bhikkhu should not...

The Duties of a Steward

Suitable Candidate for Steward

Benefits of Serving as Steward