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Physical Conditions

Northern Ontario

Summer Climate
In a normal year mid-June thru mid-Sept is warm, with max. temp. in the mid to high 20s (celsius). Night time may be cooler.
Winter Climate
[snow]Winters are cold and most years there is snow cover from mid-November to mid-April. In December and January temperatures of -10 Celsius are normal with occassional dips to -20 or -30.
Forest Cover
We are in the transitional forest belt which gives us an especially beautiful mix of deciduous trees (birch, poplar, ash) and conifers (pine, spruce, cedar.) Undergrowth tends to be thick. Berries are plentiful in season.
There is abundant wildlife locally. This includes deer, moose, fox, coyote, wolf, bear etc. The only wildlife that is any danger are bears, but these are black bears which tend to be timid and easily scared off. There are no poisonous snakes.
Insect Pests
Northern Ontario is notorious for black-flies and mosquitoes. The black-flies have a mercifully short season, two or three weeks in late May to early June. They do not bite indoors. Mosquitoes are a nuisance mostly in June and July. Wood-ticks are also a nusiance in June. As of 2020 deer ticks and therefore Lyme disease are extremely rare.

[bodhi kuti in winter]

Our Facilities

We have seven kutis (cabins) which are completely winterized. In addition there is the "pavillion", a common building with kitchen and shrine hall. There is also a sauna (bath - house) and workshop and well stocked library.
The Kutis
The kutis are well insulated, equipped with wood-stoves, kerosene lights and a range for making tea or coffee.
Land and Water
We have ninety-two acres mostly forested. Our property borders on the Arrow River. The river is not polluted and is suitable for bathing in season.


[interior of kuti]We are not connected to the electrical grid. We make a limited amount of solar power and also use gasoline generators.
There is a satellite connection to the internet. We do not have cell phone coverage here.
We have a well with hand-pump. The river water is not polluted, and is suitable for bathing but is too muddy to drink. There is low pressure running water in the kitchen (summer only.)
There is a small one-person sauna (bath-house) close to the well. We fire it up twice a week. Also, many people like to wash in the river during the summer months.
Is mostly done by hand and dried on a line. The only alternative is to use a laundromat in Thunder Bay while in the city.
Out-houses (Pit Toilets) only.