Pu Jon Kom is another retreat monastery, located in a unique environment of weirdly weathered volcanic rock. It is located on the Mekong River, across from Laos. This place is special to me because I spent my first rains retreat as a novice there in 1991. On this trip I visited only for a brief time.

Crossing a bridge across the gorge. The world-famous Donald Duck rock.
My kuti in Pu Jon Kom. The view from my kuti. We are looking across the Mekong at the hills of Laos.
The small peak in the background is the actual Pu Jon Kom, which means little tiny mountain. Some of the strange rock formations.
Another view across the Mekong. The monk is Bhante Rahula from the Bhavana Society who was on a visit and travelled in our group to Pu Jon Kom. Walking up the hill to the kutis.