Meditation Retreats at Arrow River

Meditation retreats at Arrow River are mostly done on an individual basis. Periods of three days to three months are possible.

The retreatant stays alone in a cabin, but comes to the morning puja and takes the meal with the group. (Those wanting or needing more seclusion may take their food back to their cabin and eat alone.) Before the meal the Ajahn will meet with any retreatants and discuss their practise. Daily interviews are required for all meditators.

Meditators are expected to keep the eight precepts strictly.

Ajahn Punnadhammo teaches mostly anapanasati (breath meditation) and mahasi-style vipassana (insight meditation based on the "noting" method.) Other meditations may be practised after discussion with the Ajahn.

This way of practise is not really suitable for complete beginners, as it requires a high degree of self-discipline. Beginners may be considered for a three-day retreat only.

Meditators are expected to follow instructions and to make a firm commitment to complete the time allotted.

There are no fees charged for meditation retreats or for any activity of the Center. All retreats are supported on the ancient Buddhist tradition of dana, or free-will giving. Please help us to make Dharma practise possible.

Arrow River Forest Hermitage