Donating Goods
Needs List for Arrow River Forest Hermitage

last update - Jan 11, 2016

The lay community often asks "What type of goods can I donate?" To help you decide what is appropriate for donation, below is our current list of needs. Many of the items are used or consumed regularly, while others are project specific. All items are non-perishable in nature.

Please check with the hermitage before donating perishable items; our storage facilities are limited.


1. Do not sent hazardous materials through the mail (example: bug spray)

2. Package Deliveries
Please contact the hermitage with tracking number and carrier and date shipped. Parcels form the US must have attached to the box full content list with values and may be subject to duties and/or taxes by the receiving party.

Mail parcels to:

Arrow River Forest Hermitage
c/o 634 Hartland Street
Thunder Bay ON P7B 2E6

All donations of goods requiring a tax receipt are to be accompanied by:
- the donors name and mailing address
- proof of fair market value (ie. receipt of sale showing place of purchase, date and dollars paid).

The stewart of ARFH will sign that goods have been received and forward all information to the treasurer for issuing of an official receipt.

Recent Requests

Small ongoing needs

For building projects and maintenance

Tools needed

Computer & communication equipment

For the Kitchen

Gift Certificates