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Good Links for further exploration

DharmaNet Excellent site includes very extensive links and directories.

Access to Insight Another excellent resource with huge text-archives and links to other sites. This is the place to find downloadable suttas in english translation.

Buddhism in Toronto and across Canada Listings of Buddhist centres and websites across Canada and Buddhist events in the Toronto area.

Forest monasteries in the Ajahn Chah tradition

Forest Sangha Central Site of the Western Monasteries in the Ajahn Chah tradition. Includes links and contact info for all monasteries, as well as a selection of Dhamma essays by various ajahns.

Abhayagiri California. (Good site with excellent links)

Amaravati United Kingdom

Ratanagiri United Kingdom

Birken British Columbia

Tisarana Southern Ontario

Ajahn Chah Biography and teachings.

Other Buddhist Sites of Interest

BuddhaMind Very cool site divided into a left-brain and right-brain section with lots of downloadable goodies. Built by Ajahn Kusalo.

Insight Meditation Society Home page of one of the biggest and best established meditation centres in North America.

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas The Mahayana monastery founded by the late Master Hua. Includes an excellent on-line journal.

Nanavira Page Writings of and about the controversial Bhikkhu Nanavira, author of " Clearing the Path".

Earth Sangha Buddhism and environmentalism.

Buddhist News Network A news site with a Buddhist angle. Updated daily.

Chanting Resources

Singapore Buddhist Meditation Centre MP3 Audio files of Sri Lankan style chanting.

Buddhanet's Pali Chanting file Plain text with simplified diacriticals.

Basic Buddhism Course Text without diacriticals, translations and audio files. Well arranged, recommended.

Amaravati Audio & Books Talks, Readings, Books, Pali chanting.

Or check out the Pali Chants available on this site

Note on pali chants on the net - The problem of course is the pali diacritical marks, there is as yet no really satisfactory way to transmit them over the net. Different sites handle the problem in different ways, all of them in some sense awkward and unsatisfactory. Some sites use a convention established by scholarly users of the internet of using only allowable ASCII characters; thus we have, for example, aa for long a, .t and .d etc. for the retroflex consonants. This is difficult to read until you are used to it. For instance, the pali word for consciousness becomes vi~n~naa.na. Other sites omit or simplify the diacriticals, which loses some of the information. Still others copy printed chanting books into a fixed image form such as PDF.
The chants on my site give the basic text, allowing you to download the relevant fonts and do your own formatting. Flexible but hardly elegant and requires more effort from the user. However if you want to make up your own chanting book, you have the flexibility to format and arrange them as you like. These files are copyright free and public domain.

Not Strictly Buddhist, but of Related Interest

Canadian Poetry Online A sampling of poetry by Linda Stitt. Witty, profound, playful all at once. What's more, it scans and even rhymes. Check it out.

Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness. A scientific rebuttal to the theory of physicalism.

Monastic Directory This site tries to provide links to all monasteries in North America, Christian, Buddhist and other. Produced by the (Christian) Abbey of the Monastic Way.

Children's Past Lives Memories The research of Dr. Ian Stevenson.

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