UPDATE OCT 7, 2014

Good news everyone! We have met our fund-raising goal.

Not so good news is that work went more slowly this year. We are into the final fussy finishing details and a number of other concerns limited the man-hours available. We are very close though.

Since the last update:

What remains to finish?

We had wanted to open this fall, but spring of 2015 now looks a more realistic time-frame. Better late than never.

Many many thanks to all the numerous people who helped with their donations or their sweat.

UPDATE MAY 3, 2013

It's been a late spring here, there is still snow on the ground at the beginning of May, so we haven't gotten the same early start on the site this year. But we are getting started again!

The goal this season is to finish as much as we can. What remains to be done?

And no doubt many etceteras. Anyone wanting to lend a hand, no matter your skill level, for an hour, a day or a week please drop us a line. We are building this entirely with volunteer help and so far it has come along wonderfully!

The first official work party will be Saturday May 25th.

UPDATE DEC 25, 2012


We have put away the tools and called it a season. Thanks go to the wonderful generous volunteers who came in a steady stream all summer and fall to help saw boards and pound nails! We have met the goal for 2012 which was to have a complete enclosed shell; roofed and wrapped and all exterior doors and windows in place. So far, we are still within our budget projections as well. We have spent, so far, $14,270.67. We need to raise about another $10,000 to finish. Looking forward to another successful year in 2013!


UPDATE JULY 20, 2012

Making good progress! We've had a lot of help, especially for the week-long work retreat led by visiting bhikkhu Ajahn Jotipalo. People have been coming out every week-end as well. To date, we have all the foundations, sub-floor and walls both interior and exterior framed. We could especially use help on the weekend of June 28 when we plan to raise the roof trusses. So far we are still within projected budget as well. We still require additional funds to do the interior finishing and furnishing next year. Much merit to all who have participated so far!


Great news on the learning centre project! We have raised almost enough money to complete Phase One; basic construction, i.e foundation, floor, walls, roof. Work on the site has begun, and we have scheduled the first delivery of materials for the middle of June.

We now have complete working drawings, you can view the floor plan below. We also have detailed material lists and professional estimates of the cost, so our numbers are now much more accurate.

June 25- July 2 we are hosting a work and meditation retreat led by Ajahn Jotipalo and hope to make significant progress at that time. We look good for having Phase One completed this year. The learning centre should be up and running by fall of 2013. With your help!

Hearty thanks to all who donated time or money to this project!

[outside view of library]One of the most important functions of a monastery is the preservation and transmission of the teachings. This is done in large part by direct practice. But another important aspect is the availability of the teachings in written form.

The Arrow River Forest Hermitage has acquired, over the years, a large collection of books; several hundred volumes in all, including almost all the canon in English translation. Currently, the collection is not properly stored, either for the convenience of study or for the preservation of the books themselves. The best books, including the scriptures, are shelved in the abbot's cabin, the rest are in an unheated shed, many still in boxes. This is not an acceptable situation going forward.

[framing drawing]The board of directors has agreed to a plan to build a proper learning centre and library for the use of residents and guests. The building would be 36 ft x 20 ft and would include proper shelving for the entire collection, a sitting area for personal study and semi-detached living quarters for the monastic steward.

[construction detail]The library building would be a great enhancement to the Hermitage, providing a pleasant and accessible space for quiet study. It is the next step required in our development into a mature centre for the spread and practice of the Buddha's Dhamma. In our own small way, we want to help keep the teachings of the Buddha alive for future generations.

We can build relatively cheaply here, and our current estimate for the cost is $32,000 (Canadian dollars.) updated June 2012. This will be a wood-frame structure with wood-heat. We will be doing the labour ourselves.

[outside view of library]Currently, we are raising funds for this project. Remembering that there is no gift so meritorious as the gift of Dhamma, you may consider helping with a donation. You can send a cheque made out to "Arrow River Forest Hermitage" (include a note that this is for the Library Fund) and mail it to the treasurer at;

Arrow River Forest Hermitage - Treasurer
c/o 634 Hartland Street
Thunder Bay ON P7B 2E6

Or you can pay online through Canada Helps by following the "DONATE" link at the bottom of this page. Thank you so much for considering this project.

[floor plan of library]

Floor Plan. Click to see Detailed Drawing.

To Donate Online; on the CanadaHelps web-site, choose "Library Fund" from the pull down menu

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